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Global Minds Marketing & Consulting Ltd. is an integrated approach to solving everyday marketing problems without the big cost of hiring an agency.

Whether it is proposal writing, social media strategy, creating outdoor billboards, websites, business cards, producing commercials, infomercials or short films…we do it all.

We offer a collaborative approach to our projects using a stable of freelancers and award-winning vendors that work with your schedule and budget. We make your passion our inspiration to a successful purpose.

We make your life simple. We let you kick your feet up and not worry about a thing because we are passionate about you. We are passionate about design. We are passionate about advertising. We are passionate about digital trends. We are passionate about all things media.

Subi Vaid


Job Title

Project Architect





Subi Vaid is a technically astute marketing professional with well-rounded education and experience that can be used effectively to increase communication. With over 15 years of television and film production experience managing various post-production projects for film and television for clients across Canada and the US, Subi has managed project workflows, editorial, animation and graphics schedules, budgets and worked closely with Producers and Production Supervisors to ensure that projects were delivered on time and on budget. Subi also has agency experience primarily supporting client campaigns but her primary passion has been directing and implementing social media strategies for clients while supporting their overall marketing endeavours.