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Here are 10 reasons why Global Minds is different than your regular old advertising agency:

  1. We think differently. We’re always open to different ways of doingComputer things.
  2. We meet over coffee and beer (not locked in a stuffy boardrooms).
  3. We listen to people.
  4. We are motivated by making a difference and not the bottom line.
  5. We get excited when you want us to think out of the box.
  6. We communicate differently (instead of only 9-5).
  7. There is no hierarchy.
  8. We laugh a lot more.
  9. We bring babies to meetings.
  10. We’re not confined to cubicles or 30 min lunch breaks.
  11. We are pet friendly and gluten free! 😉

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How to Find Customers With a Facebook Company Page

If you’re a small business owner, chances are your time and budget is stretched pretty thin. Marketing to a potential audience over social media may seem daunting and time consuming. You may ask: So where do I start? How do I connect with people while maintaining my sanity? How do I get sales from marketing on social media?

Facebook is a great channel to advertise your business because it’s the biggest social network out there and it’s where your prospects, customers, friends and family are. The smaller your business, the more important these connections are to keep your company growing. But remember, people aren’t necessarily on Facebook to buy, they are there there to connect and have fun.

You can easily open up a company page for free and have one-on-one conversations with your customers, who like your page, read your posts and share them with friends. You can also reach large groups of people with messages tailored specifically to their needs and interests because it’s optimized to help you engage your customers on both desktop and mobile. Remember, your company Facebook page is an extension of your business.

Many argue that the ROI of advertising on Facebook is limited, but we’ve seen that it works even if it’s just to get your company name out there.

A company Facebook page helps small business owners by:

  • Identifying an audience
  • Create interesting content that is fresh, new and relevant
  • Advertise without a huge marketing budget
  • Measure your results

Global Minds recently asked Sharla Shaw, owner of Tidy Time Saver how their experience has been using Facebook as a method to advertise their services to their customer base.

Sharla Shaw, Owner of Tidy Time Saver

Sharla Shaw, Owner of Tidy Time Saver

“Tidy Time Saver has been using social media for about 4 years now,” says Shaw. “We’ve had quite a few clients who say that they hired us because they asked on Facebook to recommend a good cleaning company and our name pops up a lot. “

Tidy Time Saver has been in business for over 16 years in Saskatchewan. Sharla’s booming business credits Facebook as a great way to get her company name out to the masses. Recently, she has expanded Tidy Time Saver to cover the city of Saskatoon and it’s surrounding areas.

“We do have a few clients who contact us through Facebook – mostly potential clients looking to book a service or find out more about our company,” says Shaw. “Social media can help spread our company name along with the quality of our service. We certainly hope it brings us new clients as well as reassuring our current clients that they have hired the best cleaning service in the city.”

All you need is 10 minutes a day to update content or post new images. Your posts should highlight the human factor or “keep the posts social” to create strong relationships between customers and your business. Be consistent with your posts, keep the posts relevant to your business and be excited about it.

If your company needs help with social media or if you have questions about how to engage your clients better using Facebook, give Global Minds a call. We’ll be happy to help you get the most out of social media marketing.

John Lewis Christmas commercial 2014

Pass the tissue box please…

The last time I sobbed my way through a commercial was during Sarah McLachlan’s television spot for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We all know it and I’m sure you’re like me and could not find the remote control fast enough to change the channel while tears welled up and you were on the phone with the operator urging to take my credit card details to save all the pets locked up over the holidays! I haven’t cried like that in a very long time. Until now…. And I can thank John Lewis for that.

John Lewis Christmas Commercial

Courtesy, John Lewis

John Lewis, a chain of upscale department stores operating throughout Great Britain and they have released their 2014 Christmas ad and it is a masterpiece!

Take one part great storyline, two parts beautiful animation, three parts emotional music and an incredible tie-in with the audience and mix together with a huge budget and what do you get? One AMAZING, sniffling and sobbing Christmas commercial. Pass another tissue please!

Unfortunately, the ad will not appear on North American television screens anytime soon, but you can watch it here:

This heartfelt ad was created by Adam&Eve/DDB, London. (Great job guys and gals!)

Courtesy, John Lewis

Courtesy, John Lewis

Read more about the commercial here:

It is truly a beautiful spot that really pulls on the heartstrings.

Thank you John Lewis department store for ruining my make-up! (As I furiously search online to see if they can ship one stuffed penguin to Canada…)

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Connect with Barbie on LinkedIn

How Mattel is Distorting Reality…Again


I grew up with Barbie. The 1970’s were a tough market for girls like me. Barbie was blonde, blue eyed, big boobed, overly confident, had a magnificent wardrobe and was really, really skinny. She did not resemble me in the slightest. I was brown, dark haired, round, wore corduroy from Woolco and very, very shy. I played with Barbie. We all played Barbie in her make believe world. But these days, her land of make believe is entering into the real world with the only a click of a few buttons.

Social media has changed Barbie’s world forever.

Barbie has her own Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare account. And more recently, a LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn? Say it isn’t true!

Yup, the brain trust at Mattel has a set Entrepreneur Barbie up with her own LinkedIn account. Like Barbie ever worked a day in her life, right? Wrong. Barbie’s resume is long and exhausting. Talk about an over achiever! Her resume would make any Indian mother the apple of her eye! She has been space explorer, sweets chef, magician, doctor and dolphin trainer. The year before that, she was a presidential candidate, fashion designer, zoo doctor, paleontologist and arctic rescuer.

Click here for her LinkedIn page.

“While a one-page resume is best, I can’t seem to get mine under twenty. It’s just that when anything is possible, a girl is tempted to try everything she can,” Barbie says on her LinkedIn page.

I can’t stop rolling my eyes at the absurd posts and even worse, the supportive comments.

In response to a Barbie post, Michala Dalphinis says, “I think this is a great idea, however an even better idea would be for Barbie to introduce her multi racial gang who also aspire to be great and dream big! Barbie and crew should inspire all girls and to let them know wherever they come from whatever they look like nothing is out of their reach!!”

That’s all we need. A chubby Indian Barbie, who fights and breaks tradition in a Bollywood inspired dance number and goes on to marry gorgeous blonde Ken who eventually gets accepted by her parents and receives a pink convertible Corvette as a dowry gift. Dream big Barbie. Dream big.

The page goes on to discusses Barbie’s favourite inspirational female entrepreneurs, her philosophy of life, career tips for women and her new position as “Dream Incubator” a consultant if you will “helping girls around the world play out their imagination.” Who knew?

For me, growing up with Barbie was harmless. Our imaginations played out, situations in a world of make believe. We imagined her life because it seemed perfect, not like ours, but we all knew it was make believe. She was in no way a role model of mine because she wasn’t real. Reality bites. Especially when you finally throw those Barbie’s out, grow up, hit the pavement for work and get turned down because of lack of experience, the school you went to, how you look or because of the lack of people you knew.

I would like to see the “Recently Divorced Barbie” and read her posts on coping with being alone, finding new love and getting a second chance at life, or “Financially Drained Barbie” and her posts on looking for alternative ways of ending bankruptcy, saving for retirement and getting out if debt. That to me would be way more helpful.

I fully understand what the brainiacs at Mattel are trying do by promoting a distorted reality via social media. This is all about marketing a land of make believe. And they are doing a terrific job at it because of their hefty marketing budget. At the end of the day, they only want is to sell you a doll. A plastic fabricated toy that they hope will help inspire young girls to pursue their dreams. And over 3,000 LinkedIn followers believe that to be true.




The HRF Thanks Donors With Installation!

The Hospitals of Regina Foundation thanks donors with art installation!

The Hall of Honour located inside the main rotunda area of the General Hospital, was installed in 2014 to honour and thank the compassionate people, businesses and organizations who have given a total of $5,000 or more to the Hospitals of Regina Foundation. Their caring gifts saves lives, every single day by allowing hospitals to buy leading-edge technology, attract medical professionals and staff, keep vital equipment working, and expand the services they offer.

Global Minds Marketing and Consulting Ltd. was hired by the Hospitals of Regina Foundation to Project Manage the on-site installation during the week of June 2nd.

Feel free to give us a call if you require Project Management services for your next project or campaign!

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Find Success With A Social Media Strategy

Follow these 5 easy tips to a successful social media strategy.



Don’t be afraid to try new social media channels and apps. See what works and what doesn’t and what would work best for your users. And actively use it on a daily basis.


Don’t just re-tweet or regurgitate facts, apply the information to your user base. Make it interesting for them and keep them engaged. Give your readers a reason to read your Facebook page each day for example.


Take your time to familiarize yourself with the social media channel.  Even if you are a new user, become familiar with the channel, research it, talk about it and communicate on online forums to stay on top of the game.


Be brave and be yourself. Talk to your audience as if they were all friends. Communicate with them on a level that is easy to understand. At the end of the day, users want to relate to you.


Admit to mistakes. Maybe something you posted “ruffled a few feathers”. Talk about it in a frank and open way, admit to it and move on. And don’t be scared of receiving negative criticism. It happens to everyone. How you respond to it is what matters. Be professional, open and transparent.

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GMP 2014 Chefs Announced!

For Immediate Release 


2014 edition to be held at the Conexus Arts Centre, November 21st, 2014

REGINA – Regina’s Gold Medal Plates (GMP) Dinner will feature eight Chefs competing in the 2014 edition of the Olympic fundraising event, with the return of 2013 bronze medalist, Laurie Wall of Wallnuts Expressive Catering and silver medalist, Ricardo Rodriguez of The Artful Dodger Café & Music Emporium back amongst some fine and talented competitors.

Last year’s gold medalist, Jonathan Thauberger from Crave Kitchen + Wine Bar’s impressive rabbit entrée stole the show and garnered him the Regina 2013 competition winner. He will be will be returning as a judge of the competition, which will feature eight Chefs in total.

In addition to Thauberger, judges for this years’ event include, the return of author and GMP Co-founder, James Chatto; Senior Judge, author and broadcaster CJ Katz; Executive Chef of the Provincial Legislature and International culinary competitor, Trent Brears; chef and culinary teacher Thomas Rush; restaurant columnist and broadcaster Aidan Morgan.

The eight participating Chefs at the Regina 2014 Gold Medal Plates event are:

Geoffrey Caswell-Murphy – Doubletree by Hilton

Gilles Gobin – Le Macaron

Rob Harrison – Rushton’s Catering

Leo Pantel – Conexus Arts Centre

Milton Rebello – Hotel Saskatchewan Radisson Plaza

Ricardo Rodriguez – The Arftul Dodger Cafe & Music Emporium

Dave Straub – Flip Eatery & Drink

Laurie Wall – Wallnuts Expressive Catering

“After successfully hosting two sold out dinners, we believe this third year will sell out quickly,” said GMP Regina Co-Chair Wayne Morsky, “People should attend this event firstly to support our developing Olympic athletes, secondly to support and experience the amazing cuisines our chefs prepare and thirdly, to have the opportunity to bid on unique travel experiences.”

Morsky added: “If you sit back and remember some of the great Canadian Olympic moments, such as the overtime goal in Women’s hockey in 2013, or the fist pump from gold medal skeleton competitor, Jon Montgomery or Mark Tweksbury’s 1992 gold win in the 100 metre backstroke, you realize that these athletes have sacrificed much. With outside financial support, their chances of a medal increases significantly.”

Gold Medal Plates (GMP) is the ultimate celebration of Canadian Excellence in cuisine, wine, the arts and athletic achievement. Celebrated in eleven cities across Canada in 2014, GMP features the premier chefs in each city in a competition to crown a gold, silver and bronze medal culinary team, and subsequently nation-wide at the Canadian Culinary Championships.

“I have had the opportunity more than once to listen to the stories of some of the Olympians we support, and to know we are contributing to their success while having a wonderful experience, brings great satisfaction,” said Morsky.  “In 2012, our gold medal winner, Mr. Milton Rebello from the Hotel Saskatchewan won bronze at the Canadian Culinary Championship. In 2013, we sold more trips per capita than any other dinners across Canada and by all accounts, including my own, the experiences have been first class ‘trips of a lifetime’.”

Gold Medal Plates is also known for its intimate and unique combinations of Canadian talent. Jim Cuddy, Canadian singer-songwriter and lead singer of Blue Rodeo is the GMP national entertainment advisor, and he invites incredible Canadian talent to be showcased at all GMP events. Joining Jim Cuddy at the Regina 2013 event was legendary Canadian singer Barney Bentall. The entertainment component of the 2014 GMP event will be announced at a later date, as well as the names of attending Olympic athletes.

Over the past nine years, the Canadian Olympic Foundation is the beneficiary from the GMP events’ net proceeds, with funds being directed to the Own the Podium program. To date, GMP has provided $8.2 million to the Canadian Olympic Foundation, and once again, Olympians will be taking part in the dinners across Canada. Gold Medal Plates is very proud to help fund this incredible program, which is strengthening our athletes’ performances and Canada’s medal potential more every year.

Those wishing to purchase a table for the Regina event on Friday, November 21st may do so by contacting Lisa Peters at 306-539-5339 or by email at


For interview requests or additional information, please contact:

Subi Vaid

Global Minds Marketing & Consulting Ltd.

(306) 596-4966





Lead the Way on Facebook!

Here are 10 steps to create an engaging company page on Facebook.

Facebook is a great platform to market your business and showcase your brand but your strategy needs to be well planned and well executed in order to make it an engaging company page that works for you.

1. Have a Strategy

Don’t just keep up, be ahead of the game. Create an effective strategy that keeps you focused on a goal and not one that is reactive. If you have an upcoming event or campaign to promote, design creative posts and commentary ahead of time to let your audience know and cross promote them on your other social media channels. Turn your fans into customers and customers into your own personal brand agents who promote your product and services to others.

2. Target Your Audience

Get to know your audience. Are they using Facebook? If they are, then this is a wonderful asset for you. Design and target content directly to them. Invite friends to your company page and included posts encouraging them to share your page with their friends. This will help generate traffic to your Facebook company page and to your company website.

3. Brand your Page Effectively

Use the space that Facebook has given you to brand your page and extend your identity online. Use the Cover image, Profile image and About section effectively to promote your brand. Take every opportunity to ensure that your visual identity is strong and match your existing look online. Use every opportunity to leave a lasting impression to keep the audience engaged and entertained.

4. Post Engaging Content

Optimize your audience engagement by posting regular updates on your company and what’s new. Keep the posts light and entertaining and ask open-ended questions to enlist responses. Posts that use eye-catching imagery and videos are ones that are most popular and end up in newsfeeds. Create a content calendar to help keep track of posts and to keep you on track for easy page management.

5. Cross Promotion

Increase your company page visibility by adding the link to your personal profile page and other social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Website, other marketing material, etc.

6. Use Tools to Keep the Page Alive and Build and Audience

Figure out what posts were popular and carried the farthest reach. Fine tune and post similar types of content to keep your audience wanting more. Also, Facebook offers specific features to help build your audience. Features such as Highlighted posts, custom tabs, events, offers and promoted posts are just some of the tools you can use to help capture more followers to your page and content.

7. Respond to Posts

There is nothing worse than a company page where people leave comments and questions and none are followed up. Only 30% of brands respond to user comments. Remember, social media is meant to be ‘social’. Respond to all comments and private messages. All feedback is useful as your audience needs to know you are open and authentic.

8. Spend Some Money and Invest in Your Page

Use promoted posts and Facebook ads to your advantage. They are cost effective and have the ability to target a specific demographic. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to increase online visibility, you just need to start and it will drive traffic to your page and your website.

9. Customize Your Tabs

Facebook does a wonderful job of allowing you to customize your tabs. You can use third party apps to configure that include your Twitter and LinkedIn pages – another great way to cross-promote. Only four slots appear on the homepage so think about which four are the most important to you as those will be the ones most people see first.

10. Monitor Measure and Track

Without measuring you are just “doing”. All the effort you have put into creating and sharing content on your Facebook company page must be monitored, measured and tracked to ensure that you are making valued marketing decisions. Your page should accurately represent your company so it must be done right so use Facebook Insights to your advantage.

Social Media Keywords

Ignite Your Career with LinkedIn

Social networking is a great way to send messages and post commentary on various topics to a broad and often large audience. Social sharing, liking and feedback are normal ways our society is communicating with each other on a digital platform.

We are all too familiar with Facebook and how it connects us with an audience. Our connections are in ‘real time’ and most often personal in nature allowing us to comment and share news almost immediately. LinkedIn is like Facebook only it is a professional network. Think of it as your own professional Rolodex where you can access peers, influencers, knowledge, insights and opportunities in various professions and ignite career opportunities.

LinkedIn has over 277 million account holders who access information daily on industry trends, jobs and professional development. LinkedIn allows people to showcase who they are professionally. Just like Facebook, it allows people to post, comment and like commentary. Information shared is most often industry related to your profession. But what separates LinkedIn from Facebook is that it is has a ‘gated access approach’. According to Wikipedia, “The “gated-access approach” (is where contact with any professional requires either an existing relationship, or the intervention of a contact of theirs) is intended to build trust among the service’s users.”


LinkedIn Stats:

– 79% of LinkedIn users are over 35 years old

– 53% are male and 47% are female

– 4 out of 5 users are business decision makers

– 70% of people who use LinkedIn for job hunting to find professional employers

– 80% of people use LinkedIn for recruiting as a primary tool to find employees

– 41% of people who use LinkedIn for marketing have generated business from it


Tips and Tricks to make your page stand out:

– Complete your profile to 100%

– Set your profile to be “visible to everyone”

– Participate in group discussions

– Connect with key people in the industry “influencers”

– Use searchable keywords in your profile

– Ask and answer questions

– Post and Share updates

– Ask for quality recommendations from peers

– Create a company page


An effective plan to gain B2B Solutions include:

– Send a “Thank you” message out to new connections

– Aim to connect to at least one new person each day

– Check who has viewed your profile and reach out to them as a connection and potential business lead

– Post recent blog posts or share new events and projects

– Comment on status or content shared by a person in your network

– Catch up or re-connect with someone you haven’t seen in awhile

– Join industry groups and take part in discussions in order to be seen as an industry leader



While your competitors are busy taking out Facebook ads and running online contests to get “Likes” on their Facebook pages or sending out nonsensical tweets on Twitter, you can use LinkedIn as an effective tool to grow your online presence and generate new business leads prospects.  It can be a terrific way to extend your brand online and create credibility and validity in a professional way and also stay connected to industry movers and shakers.