John Lewis Christmas commercial 2014

Pass the tissue box please…

The last time I sobbed my way through a commercial was during Sarah McLachlan’s television spot for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We all know it and I’m sure you’re like me and could not find the remote control fast enough to change the channel while tears welled up and you were on the phone with the operator urging to take my credit card details to save all the pets locked up over the holidays! I haven’t cried like that in a very long time. Until now…. And I can thank John Lewis for that.

John Lewis Christmas Commercial

Courtesy, John Lewis

John Lewis, a chain of upscale department stores operating throughout Great Britain and they have released their 2014 Christmas ad and it is a masterpiece!

Take one part great storyline, two parts beautiful animation, three parts emotional music and an incredible tie-in with the audience and mix together with a huge budget and what do you get? One AMAZING, sniffling and sobbing Christmas commercial. Pass another tissue please!

Unfortunately, the ad will not appear on North American television screens anytime soon, but you can watch it here:

This heartfelt ad was created by Adam&Eve/DDB, London. (Great job guys and gals!)

Courtesy, John Lewis

Courtesy, John Lewis

Read more about the commercial here:

It is truly a beautiful spot that really pulls on the heartstrings.

Thank you John Lewis department store for ruining my make-up! (As I furiously search online to see if they can ship one stuffed penguin to Canada…)