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Introducing Our Newest Global Minds Team Member!

Global Minds Marketing & Consulting Ltd. is pleased to announce the addition of a new team member. We welcome Tyler Daku on board the Global Marketing team!

Tyler Daku will collaborate directly with clients in the role of Social Media Consultant, taking care of the successful planning, initiation and execution of social media projects. Tyler has proved his project management skills on many occasions, like Gold Medal Plates. We felt he was the perfect piece to match our team.

Global Minds Marketing & Consulting Ltd. is an integrated approach to solving everyday marketing problems without the big cost of hiring an agency.

Whether it is proposal writing, social media strategy, creating outdoor billboards, websites, business cards,

We make your life simple. We let you kick your feet up and not worry about a thing because we are passionate about you. We are passionate about design. We are passionate about advertising. We are passionate about digital trends. We are passionate about all things media.

For more information visit: www.globalminds.ca or give us a call at 306-596-4966.


Not Your Regular Marketing Agency – You’ll Thank Us

Here are 10 reasons why Global Minds is different than your regular old advertising agency:

  1. We think differently. We’re always open to different ways of doingComputer things.
  2. We meet over coffee and beer (not locked in a stuffy boardrooms).
  3. We listen to people.
  4. We are motivated by making a difference and not the bottom line.
  5. We get excited when you want us to think out of the box.
  6. We communicate differently (instead of only 9-5).
  7. There is no hierarchy.
  8. We laugh a lot more.
  9. We bring babies to meetings.
  10. We’re not confined to cubicles or 30 min lunch breaks.
  11. We are pet friendly and gluten free! 😉

Call us today for marketing strategies that work!

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How to Find Customers With a Facebook Company Page

If you’re a small business owner, chances are your time and budget is stretched pretty thin. Marketing to a potential audience over social media may seem daunting and time consuming. You may ask: So where do I start? How do I connect with people while maintaining my sanity? How do I get sales from marketing on social media?

Facebook is a great channel to advertise your business because it’s the biggest social network out there and it’s where your prospects, customers, friends and family are. The smaller your business, the more important these connections are to keep your company growing. But remember, people aren’t necessarily on Facebook to buy, they are there there to connect and have fun.

You can easily open up a company page for free and have one-on-one conversations with your customers, who like your page, read your posts and share them with friends. You can also reach large groups of people with messages tailored specifically to their needs and interests because it’s optimized to help you engage your customers on both desktop and mobile. Remember, your company Facebook page is an extension of your business.

Many argue that the ROI of advertising on Facebook is limited, but we’ve seen that it works even if it’s just to get your company name out there.

A company Facebook page helps small business owners by:

  • Identifying an audience
  • Create interesting content that is fresh, new and relevant
  • Advertise without a huge marketing budget
  • Measure your results

Global Minds recently asked Sharla Shaw, owner of Tidy Time Saver how their experience has been using Facebook as a method to advertise their services to their customer base.

Sharla Shaw, Owner of Tidy Time Saver

Sharla Shaw, Owner of Tidy Time Saver

“Tidy Time Saver has been using social media for about 4 years now,” says Shaw. “We’ve had quite a few clients who say that they hired us because they asked on Facebook to recommend a good cleaning company and our name pops up a lot. “

Tidy Time Saver has been in business for over 16 years in Saskatchewan. Sharla’s booming business credits Facebook as a great way to get her company name out to the masses. Recently, she has expanded Tidy Time Saver to cover the city of Saskatoon and it’s surrounding areas.

“We do have a few clients who contact us through Facebook – mostly potential clients looking to book a service or find out more about our company,” says Shaw. “Social media can help spread our company name along with the quality of our service. We certainly hope it brings us new clients as well as reassuring our current clients that they have hired the best cleaning service in the city.”

All you need is 10 minutes a day to update content or post new images. Your posts should highlight the human factor or “keep the posts social” to create strong relationships between customers and your business. Be consistent with your posts, keep the posts relevant to your business and be excited about it.

If your company needs help with social media or if you have questions about how to engage your clients better using Facebook, give Global Minds a call. We’ll be happy to help you get the most out of social media marketing.