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Here are 10 reasons why Global Minds is different than your regular old advertising agency:

  1. We think differently. We’re always open to different ways of doingComputer things.
  2. We meet over coffee and beer (not locked in a stuffy boardrooms).
  3. We listen to people.
  4. We are motivated by making a difference and not the bottom line.
  5. We get excited when you want us to think out of the box.
  6. We communicate differently (instead of only 9-5).
  7. There is no hierarchy.
  8. We laugh a lot more.
  9. We bring babies to meetings.
  10. We’re not confined to cubicles or 30 min lunch breaks.
  11. We are pet friendly and gluten free! 😉

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Connect with Barbie on LinkedIn

How Mattel is Distorting Reality…Again


I grew up with Barbie. The 1970’s were a tough market for girls like me. Barbie was blonde, blue eyed, big boobed, overly confident, had a magnificent wardrobe and was really, really skinny. She did not resemble me in the slightest. I was brown, dark haired, round, wore corduroy from Woolco and very, very shy. I played with Barbie. We all played Barbie in her make believe world. But these days, her land of make believe is entering into the real world with the only a click of a few buttons.

Social media has changed Barbie’s world forever.

Barbie has her own Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare account. And more recently, a LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn? Say it isn’t true!

Yup, the brain trust at Mattel has a set Entrepreneur Barbie up with her own LinkedIn account. Like Barbie ever worked a day in her life, right? Wrong. Barbie’s resume is long and exhausting. Talk about an over achiever! Her resume would make any Indian mother the apple of her eye! She has been space explorer, sweets chef, magician, doctor and dolphin trainer. The year before that, she was a presidential candidate, fashion designer, zoo doctor, paleontologist and arctic rescuer.

Click here for her LinkedIn page.

“While a one-page resume is best, I can’t seem to get mine under twenty. It’s just that when anything is possible, a girl is tempted to try everything she can,” Barbie says on her LinkedIn page.

I can’t stop rolling my eyes at the absurd posts and even worse, the supportive comments.

In response to a Barbie post, Michala Dalphinis says, “I think this is a great idea, however an even better idea would be for Barbie to introduce her multi racial gang who also aspire to be great and dream big! Barbie and crew should inspire all girls and to let them know wherever they come from whatever they look like nothing is out of their reach!!”

That’s all we need. A chubby Indian Barbie, who fights and breaks tradition in a Bollywood inspired dance number and goes on to marry gorgeous blonde Ken who eventually gets accepted by her parents and receives a pink convertible Corvette as a dowry gift. Dream big Barbie. Dream big.

The page goes on to discusses Barbie’s favourite inspirational female entrepreneurs, her philosophy of life, career tips for women and her new position as “Dream Incubator” a consultant if you will “helping girls around the world play out their imagination.” Who knew?

For me, growing up with Barbie was harmless. Our imaginations played out, situations in a world of make believe. We imagined her life because it seemed perfect, not like ours, but we all knew it was make believe. She was in no way a role model of mine because she wasn’t real. Reality bites. Especially when you finally throw those Barbie’s out, grow up, hit the pavement for work and get turned down because of lack of experience, the school you went to, how you look or because of the lack of people you knew.

I would like to see the “Recently Divorced Barbie” and read her posts on coping with being alone, finding new love and getting a second chance at life, or “Financially Drained Barbie” and her posts on looking for alternative ways of ending bankruptcy, saving for retirement and getting out if debt. That to me would be way more helpful.

I fully understand what the brainiacs at Mattel are trying do by promoting a distorted reality via social media. This is all about marketing a land of make believe. And they are doing a terrific job at it because of their hefty marketing budget. At the end of the day, they only want is to sell you a doll. A plastic fabricated toy that they hope will help inspire young girls to pursue their dreams. And over 3,000 LinkedIn followers believe that to be true.



Boost Social Media-Image

5 Tips to Boost Your Social Media Strategy

Take an online snapshot of your business

What online presence do you currently have? How many Facebook “likes” do you have on your page? Are you being mentioned online in conversations? How many Twitter followers do you have?

Using data collected by online monitoring tools such as Social Mention, Google Alerts, Hootsuite and Sprout Social (to name a few), will take a snapshot of how your business is being viewed online. Once you determine this, you can transform your online marketing strategy to work for you.

Get To Know Your Target Community

Who are your followers? Do you know their age, profession, likes/dislikes? What types of information do they respond to? What information are they asking for?

Find out what posts reached the largest amount of people and generated the greatest feedback. Understand what information your community needs and engages with and use this to create similar posts.

What Are Your Goals and Objectives

What do you want to achieve online? Who do you want to target? How many new followers do you want to gain?

After deciphering what information your target community responds to, set clear communication goals to attract more followers and how they can engage in more online conversations. This will help develop strategic and sharable content that delivers online success straight to you.

Develop a Strategy

How do you want to implement your goals and objectives? What is your priority? New followers? Engage your current audience? Boost the number content shares?

Now that you have done your homework, put it to the test. Produce a strategy that keeps with your goals and objectives and develop a road map of how your social media strategy will unfold. Prioritize from the top down, what is goals and objectives are important and whether you can use paid, owned earned media to help increase your online presence.

Apply Metrics

How do you know if your tactics have been successful? Are you reaching your target audience? Are you engaging new conversations? Are you successful?

Technology shapes our lives

The next 60 seconds will demonstrate how much technology shapes our daily lives

Now that the Sochi Winter Games 2014 are over, I cannot stop thinking about a brilliant commercial produced by Montreal’s LG2 team called “The Best of Canada on the Best of Bell”.

This commercial features approximately 50 short vignettes of Canadians watching the Sochi games on various screens at home, work and play. It not only celebrates the diversity of Canada but how technology has quickly become part of our everyday lives (and of course how Bell plays a big factor in that).  At anytime from anywhere we can access the Olympic Games at our finger tips.

Even the featured song, “Kalinka”, a traditional Russian folk song, has an exciting, progressive beat, making it a wonderful tribute to Sochi, Russia.

For someone like me, who is observing how technology shapes our lives and our future, the LG2 media experts did an exceptional job of capturing that. Brilliant, brilliant, work.