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Introducing Our Newest Global Minds Team Member!

Global Minds Marketing & Consulting Ltd. is pleased to announce the addition of a new team member. We welcome Tyler Daku on board the Global Marketing team!

Tyler Daku will collaborate directly with clients in the role of Social Media Consultant, taking care of the successful planning, initiation and execution of social media projects. Tyler has proved his project management skills on many occasions, like Gold Medal Plates. We felt he was the perfect piece to match our team.

Global Minds Marketing & Consulting Ltd. is an integrated approach to solving everyday marketing problems without the big cost of hiring an agency.

Whether it is proposal writing, social media strategy, creating outdoor billboards, websites, business cards,

We make your life simple. We let you kick your feet up and not worry about a thing because we are passionate about you. We are passionate about design. We are passionate about advertising. We are passionate about digital trends. We are passionate about all things media.

For more information visit: www.globalminds.ca or give us a call at 306-596-4966.


Not Your Regular Marketing Agency – You’ll Thank Us

Here are 10 reasons why Global Minds is different than your regular old advertising agency:

  1. We think differently. We’re always open to different ways of doingComputer things.
  2. We meet over coffee and beer (not locked in a stuffy boardrooms).
  3. We listen to people.
  4. We are motivated by making a difference and not the bottom line.
  5. We get excited when you want us to think out of the box.
  6. We communicate differently (instead of only 9-5).
  7. There is no hierarchy.
  8. We laugh a lot more.
  9. We bring babies to meetings.
  10. We’re not confined to cubicles or 30 min lunch breaks.
  11. We are pet friendly and gluten free! 😉

Call us today for marketing strategies that work!

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